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Copyright Derek and Joan Briggs

Derek and Joan Briggs
Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

Copyright Jasme Bichon Frise
Jasme Bichon Frise
Angels Camp, CA, USA
Copyright Lilywhite Bichons

Lilywhite Bichons
Fletcher, NC, USA


Copyright Colynthia Bichon Frise

Colynthia Bichon Frise
Porthleven, Cornwall, U.K.

Copyright Fionavar Bichon Frise

Fionavar Bichon Frise
Worcestershire, U.K.

Copyright Mary Ann Harral

Mary Ann Harral and Max
Bethel Island, CA, USA

Copyright Bobander Bichons

Bobander Bichons
Gosport, Hants, U.K.

Copyright Manoir Bichons

Manoir Bichons
Bedforshire, U.K.


Copyright Hardy-Flap's Bichon Frise

Hardy-Flap's Bichon Frise
Hollviken, Sweden


Copyright 2002 Bruce Fritz

Dream Bichons
Wisconsin and New York, USA

Copyright 2007 Demetris Moyseos

Aphrodite's Reflection Bichons

Copyright Petit Ami

Petit Ami Bichons


Copyright Leeward's Bichons

Leeward's Bichons

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