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At Your Service
for the love of the breed

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Copyright Norma Dirszowsky

Your Webmaster
Norma Dirszowsky
Udora, ON. Canada
Breeding bichons since 1982 under the prefix "Normandy"
Secondary List Owner of BF-L
Dedicated to the Bichon Frise and here to help you 
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Copyright Laurie Mann

Designer of our original graphics
Laurie Mann
Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada
Breeding bichons under the prefix "Snowmann"
(also makes great crate pads, fancy pants for girls and peebands for boys)
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Our Columnists

Bichons in Agility

Copyright Karen Moore

Karen Moore
Mississauga, ON. Canada
For Agility Information
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Bichons in Obedience

Copyright Daryl Novak

Daryl Novak
Niagara Falls, ON. Canada
For Obedience Information
Daryl's contact number
available from Webmaster


Clicker Training

Copyright Carole Mineault

Carole Mineault
(prefix Snopuff)
Sussex, N.B. Canada
Clicker Training Classes 
and Bichon Grooming
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Volunteers Welcome
If you'd like to write an original article for Bichons Across Canada
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