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Music: Sun Moon and Stars (Jim Brickman)
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Paw Bar

Please take the time to visit the web pages of some of our Bichon Friends Across Canada

(If you have a website and would like to join our group of  friends, we would like
to hear  from you.  We do however reserve the right to accept or reject submissions.)

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Copyright logo Snowmann Bichons

Snowmann Bichons
Maple Ridge, B.C.

Copyright logo - MusicBox Bichons
MusicBox Bichons & Lowchens
Minden, ON, and Oxford, GA
Copyright Karen Moore

Karen Moore
Mississauga, ON

Photo copyright Catherine Cooke

Adeuxpaw Lowchen & Bichon Frise
Walkerton, ON

Copyright logo Normandy Bichons

Normandy Bichons
Udora, ON


Copyright Belerin Bichons

Belerin Bichons (Naturally!)
Elmwood, ON



Copyright Daryl Novak - telephone contact 416-924-0412

Daryl Novak
Niagara Falls, ON



Copyright John White, click to send email

John White,
Toronto, ON

copyright image

Donna Furneaux
Ajax, ON

Copyright Carole Mineault

Snopuff Bichons
Sussex, N.B.


Copyright Vivian Yorke

Vivian Yorke
Kingston, ON

Copyright Miss Bliss Bichons

Miss Bliss Bichons
New Westminster, B.C.

Copyright Bev Busse

Heaven's Bichons
Richmond, B.C.

Copyright Heather Wippler

 Informational Website


Copyright Starlit Bichons

Starlit Bichon Frise
Whitby, ON.


If you haven't already found the answer to the picture halves on other pages of this web site
below are (l to r) Sascha, China, Amy and Mandy
Sascha and China, of course, are Karen Moore's agility bichons
and Amy and Mandy are Daryl Novak's obedience girls

Meeting bichon friends - copyright photo

Just one example of the power of the Bichon Frise.
They have a  magnetism that draws people together!



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